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About TEDC

The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) is an Austin-based professional association for economic developers across the state of Texas. We are the largest state association of economic development professionals, volunteers, and elected officials. Our membership consists of over 1,000 individuals, representing more than 600 public and private economic development organizations, including more than 400 communities. Our diverse and expansive membership shares a common goal -- bringing new investment and jobs to Texas by developing strategies that promote a positive business climate in our state.

The TEDC is dedicated to the development of economic and employment opportunities in Texas through our many programs and services such as: conferences, educational programs, mentorship and leadership programs, resources, publications, advocacy, and much more.

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This report and content was prepared on behalf of the Texas Economic Development Council using federal funds under award #08-69-05432 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Development Administration or the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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