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McAllen has evolved from a railway stop into a thriving city with a diverse economy established initially in citrus farming and now encompassing retail and manufacturing. Transformed into an education hub, it’s home to institutions like South Texas College and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Balancing growth with environmental consciousness, McAllen prioritizes initiatives such as the Quinta Mazatlán Center for Urban Ecology, showcasing its commitment to a sustainable future.

The Center for Urban Ecology expansion project, is located in South McAllen and is both a place and a partnership. A heartfelt project that has been in the works for almost a decade is breaking ground in October 2023. The expansion will double the green footprint of the urban sanctuary, increasing it from 12 to 25 acres. There will be a five-acre children’s adventure garden, a Center for Urban Ecology, McAllen transport park and ride, as well as other various attractions. 

The foundation of the project is to create a resilient and sustainable region by utilizing funds provided by the EDA Grant to address the gaps in education, economy, and the environment.

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